In 2006, Humble admitted in his website that he NEVER invented a new type of “computer” voice lie detector as he had always claimed. Humble admitted that he only tried to COPY an old PSE 101 analog machine to make his first Cvsa machine to sell in 1990. Humble sold that version for about 8 years. That first cvsa was ONLY analog, not digital as all computers are. Dektor had learned the person Humble hired to make the copy was NOT that skilled doing it. So one can safely assume Humble’s first Cvsa version that he sold for about 8 years was deeply flawed, thus displaying false information and the Cvsa examiners were making many mistakes for that. 

Humble has ALWAYS called his gadget cvsa: computer voice stress analyzer. Computers are digital. But from 1990 until about 1998, cvsa was NEVER a computer, it was only a analog machine. It did NOT even look like a computer, but the stupid law enforcement investigators bought it anyway thinking it was a computer because humble said it was. The fact is the analog cvsa looked almost like a duplicate of Dektor’s PSE 101 and later PSE 2000. But, it lacked many important functions of those PSE systems.  He used the term “computer” because the former co-inventer of the PSE, McQuiston, had created the first computer(digital) version of the PSE in 1980 called Verimetrics. Humble wanted people to think his cvsa gadget was as advanced as the Verimetrics system.  Why did Nitv/owner also lie to their customers about it? The answer seems to be NITV deliberately lied about the CVSA name because they wanted their buyers to think that somehow a “computer” lie detector was better than the PSE 101(1969-1990) and later the PSE 2000(1990-2000) which were all analog machines.

Computers were extremely expensive at the time and not portable, so most PSE examiners stayed with the portable PSE 101 and PSE 2000 systems. The Verimetrics was a extremely advanced system and had many great features that were not found in the analog PSE systems. A Verimetrics system was about $20,000 and that was a lot more money than the analog PSE 101 and 2000 systems at about $5,500 each.  Mr. McQuiston died in 1996. McQuiston was a very decorated hero in Vietnam, a Colonel in the U.S. Army and worked in Counter-Intelligence in the Army. When McQuiston died in 1996, Humble wrote in NITV’s monthly newsletter about McQuiston’s death: “McQuiston assumes room temperature”. Disgusting!  It was only in 1998, that NITV came out with a very primitive and unreliable software program for CVSA. NITV realized they had to have a REAL computer at some point because more and more customers were asking “Where is the computer” when they were looking at the original analog CVSA device that was being called a computer by nitv. The CVSA software program had and still has many serious flaws and has a very large owner’s manual because the software CVSA program was/is still very primitive and complicated to learn. Current and former cvsa examiners have called Dektor and told us.

Those problems would also dramatically increase errors by the CVSA examiner and decrease accuracy in CVSA lie detection tests. Many of the CVSA examiners have complained to Dektor that the CVSA program sold today still has many design flaws, including crashing and freezing. According to various sources, the CVSA program in 2018 still lacks the many important functions of the PSE 7010 for the examiner to use in their testing and evaluations for accurate results. Cvsa sold today can only be used in Windows 7. Cvsa cannot be used in Windows 8, 10 or Windows touch screen. NO cvsa can be used in any Android systems (smart phone or tablet) or Apple’s Ios systems(Iphone or Ipad). The PSE has been used in those systems for about 7 years and with ALL Windows systems: XP, 7, 8,10 and Windows touch screen. PSE is decades ahead of the cvsa.