From: Dirk Bell []
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2018 5:46 PM
To: DektorPSE
Cc: Charles Humble
Subject: Re: Arthur Herring the Turd, You lying sack of shit!


I just read more of "Dirk Bell Lies About Dektor". I suggest you take it down.  From your standpoint, if for no other reason than what YOU say in that section contradicts what YOU say in other sections on your website about the duration of your Dektor, the PSE and PSE (R) , and your long-term relationship to Dektor. You have firmly establish yourself as a liar, in that section.

As for asking you for information about Dektor, I only asked for any reliability studies that you had done on your PSE (R) . Never got an answer; I assume there are none since you continue to refer to studies irrelevant to your PSE (R). Never asked for anything else, I already know everything else I care to know about your Dektor. Never asked for any money from your business operations either, I have no claim to any.

"Dektor filed complaints to the police and FBI. DB would call Dektor and laugh about the law enforcement calling him. I even had Dektor’s lawyer send DB a Cease and Decist letter. DB laughed about that too."

I got one phone call from a local cop that said you were a crackpot and I would be doing him a favor to not email you. FBI? - That would be further evidence you are a crackpot. Cease and Desist letter? - Didn't laugh because I never got one. I would have laughed if I did. So what happened as a result of the nonexistent letter? I am laughing now. Claiming a Cease and Desist letter that you got laughed at for and got no result from makes you look stupid on your own website

As for requesting information about your Dektor, why would I do that? I have a great deal of information about your company that was accessible via the web that supports my claims and debunks yours. It's there to find if you have the ability to look. You ask how I could know about your company? That makes me smile.

Consider this my Cease and Decease letter. Take the "Dirk Bell lies about Dektor" section and any reference to me down by Saturday or I will make you wish you had, for the rest of your miserable lying life. Unlike you Arthur, I am not a serial liar.  This is my first and last request.  I have 464 MB of information in 76 folders containing 376 files related to your fraudulent claims, and I haven't done any research on you in almost 2 years. I could have a 'Dektor'- and 'lying Arthur'-crushing website up over a long weekend. Or maybe worse for you, I could just zip it up and sell it to someone who doesn't like you. Saturday, shithead.

Still waiting for my stock report, since you say myself and many others own stock in your company.

Best Regards,

On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 1:26 PM, Dirk Bell <> wrote:

I just saw what you posted below on the dishonest Dektor Corporation website (pasted below).

Maybe I should sue you for slander. Do you have anything worth suing for?

The Bell family isn't entitled to commissions, dumbshit. Reverse engineering the PSE after the patent ran out out is perfectly legal by anyone, even you. Nobody in the Bell family cares about that.

Implying the products are the same, the companies are the same, and the testing results of the original device apply to your copy is FRAUD. Every person, company, or government agency that bought from you potentially has a claim of FRAUD against you. Sucks to be you. I have spoken to some of your customers about your insistence on the very careful wording of their ads to be consistent with the misleading statements of your own. Is that 'conspiracy' to commit FRAUD? Punishment for 'Conspiracy' is always much worse than the crime conspired about. Strange how that works.

How about sending me a copy of the screen shot you mentioned? I stand by everything I said, it is provable, and there is much more I have discovered through research. enough for a website. A very small sampling: attached are articles associating Arthur Herring the Turd to Verimetrics equipment in 1986 and 1995... hmmm... proof of your long-term association with Dektor CI/S Arthur? Just the tip of the iceberg.

BTW, I called you around 2005, not 2010, and was surprised that an unrelated company was attempting to profit off the Dektor name, reputation, and product reliability studies. Allan Bell's wife Liz told me about the funny little man named Arthur.

Also, I worked for Dektor during school breaks from the time it was formed until about 1977 and I own stock.  Where are my stock reports required by federal law, if Dektor CI/S is still in business? A corporation with stock can't be given to someone, as you have claimed elsewhere. Would the SEC be interested in you?

For the record, my brother also worked for Dektor (the real one), from the early 1970's to the early 80's when Dektor CI/S moved to GA. Where do you get your information?

You are a lying sack of shit.

Since you have tied me to Charles Humble, I have CC'd him on this.


Dirk Bell