Since 1970, Dektor® has taken great pride in providing the original and still the only proven equipment using Voice Stress Analysis™ for lie detection called the Psychological Stress Evaluator™ or PSE®. Dektor® also provides the only proven training techniques, by independent studies, that will give PSE examiners the complete accuracy they need to solve all types of criminal cases, civil cases and employment screening.

In 2008, Groveport Police, in Ohio, purchased a PSE from Dektor and paid for three of its police officers to be trained. For homework, all students are told to spend about two weeks (per student) using the PSE software before class. They are also given homework assignments before class and are told to read through the training manual so they will be prepared for Dektor’s extensive ten day course.

The PSE and training manuals were sent to Groveport Police about six weeks before class started. Without reading the training manual, practicing with the PSE software and doing the homework before class, passing the course would be extremely difficult, maybe impossible for most people.

When the three officers arrived for training, Dektor was told by the officers that their Chief York did not give them the PSE or the training manuals until a few days before class was to begin.  Because of Chief York, the officers did not practice with the PSE software, did not read the manual and did not do the homework assignments. The officers arrived to the ten day class totally unprepared.

Dektor’s training class is based on the students knowing how to use the PSE software and having a general overall knowledge of the manual before class. Everyday, the students must learn the day’s material and learn the homework assignments for the next day so the training can be learned correctly by the students.

Even though I have been the owner of Dektor Corporation since about 2001, I teach some of the classes in the USA and internationally. I was the instructor for this class. I noticed by Day 2, the officers did not know the material when I questioned them during class. They were not paying attention in class. I learned during the course (from them) they would go out drinking in the evening and not studying each night as they should. I also noticed some of them would fall asleep during class. They were constantly drinking coffee to stay awake. Because of the coffee, they would always ask for breaks to relieve themselves. Those actions and their lack of knowledge of the daily material made training extremely difficult. I mentioned to them many times during class that they had to learn the material because there is a very intensive final exam that must be passed to pass the course. The final exam takes about 4 hours. There are also quizzes given during the course.

At the end of the course, the final exam was given. I personally graded their tests and none of them passed. They were not even close to passing. I contacted Chief York and informed him all three of the detectives flunked the course. He told me it was my fault his people failed. After only a very brief conversation, York hung up on me.

Months later, I received a “letter” by Det. Dalton, who was one of three Groveport detectives in the class who flunked the course. He wrote his “letter” on two “Post It” note pages. Each page was about 3 inches square. I still retain his “letter”. He was extremely rude, sarcastic and unprofessional in his letter. He “thanked” me for flunking them and said they had traded the PSE for a well know imitation of PSE called cvsa. The cvsa, nitv (company that sells cvsa) and nitv’s owner have been involved in many serious legal problems and many lawsuits. Even the U.S. military banned the use of the cvsa after using it for one year in about 2005 because of the cvsa’s very low accuracy. The detectives also went to nitv for “training”. The cvsa, nitv and its seller have also been the object of many media investigations, including one in 2006 by ABC News that exposed the cvsa device and seller as not being very credible and not very honest. In 2006, the nitv owner was prosecuted and found guilty by the U.S. for unlawful selling of the cvsa. The news media had shown, in the mid 1990’s, the owner of nitv used a title of “Dr” that most people would probably say was a “store bought” type of title that anybody can buy over the internet for a few dollars. Also, according to legal documents, the owner of nitv was found guilty of unlawful unemployment compensation and also a serious copyright offense in the 1980’s.

After I learned that Groveport Police bought cvsa, I sent Groveport’s mayor and city council a very long email, twice. I told them in the two emails about the severe damage a unreliable lie detector would do to criminal cases and to innocent people. None of them ever responded. A lot of damage has been done by cvsa and other imitation “lie detectors” to innocent people and to criminal cases in the past twenty years. Severe damage has also been done to Dektor’s 40 year excellent name and reputation because of unreliable “voice lie detectors”. I must constantly try to keep the damage by those unreliable “voice lie detectors” as low as possible. For example, I contacted the Groveport county public defender and the prosecutor about Groveport Police (and six other police departments in their county) having the cvsa “voice lie detector”. I wanted the public defender and the prosecutor to be aware that now another police department in their county uses unreliable lie detection in criminal cases. I did not want to see criminal cases being ruined, innocent people being falsely accused, real criminals getting away with their crimes and the city being sued by those falsely accused. During my 30 years in the PSE business, I have educated many types of professionals so they would not be harmed by unreliable “voice lie detectors”, would not ruin criminal cases and falsely accuse innocent people, including their fellow police officers.

There are about 25 imitations sold today. They are advertised in mostly law enforcement type magazines. Law enforcement has bought those gadgets costing $8,000 to $15,000 each. Each cvsa is about $12,000, training is about $1,300 per person, plus $300 every other year per cvsa examiner for recertification, for LIFE!  Law enforcement does not seem to ask for a study that would prove whether a device or its training is accurate for lie detection before they buy them, waste taxpayers dollars and ruin criminal cases. Those imitations are also used for employment screening, probation, parole, insurance claims, internal affairs in law enforcement and even for national security. In about 2005, the military used the cvsa for a year in Iraq and Guantanomo Bay testing Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorist suspects. Based on the findings of a major news investigation and by people in the U.S. government, the cvsa would be considered a failure for accurate lie detection.

How many people have been wrongly denied jobs, punished or fired because of the “toss of a coin” poor accuracy of the lie detector gadgets police buy?  The buyers seem to fall for the big hype and fancy websites those unreliable gadgets use. This stupidity and incompetence by law enforcement buyers of cvsa and other imitations, after 20 years, probably have resulted in ruining hundreds of thousands of criminal cases, internal affairs matters, employment screenings and other matters.

During the summer of 2009, I noticed on the website of cvsa there were testimonials by Det. Dalton and Chief York praising cvsa and nitv. Those testimonials also would leave no doubt to any reader that people should not do business with Dektor. Without hesitation, I will say Dalton and York refused to tell the truth and state the facts in their testimonials about their experience with Dektor as it really happened. The REAL facts would prove Dektor had taught the proven training techniques in class and delivered the finest and only proven technology for Voice Stress Analysis to Groveport. If Dalton and York told the truth to what really happened before and during the course, ALL the blame would be on the detectives and York for failing the course. That is where ALL the blame deserves to be placed.

The PSE technology for Voice Stress Analysis continues to be the best there is and the training techniques are the same proven training techniques established by Charles McQuiston in 1970. McQuiston was a former U.S. government trained polygraph examiner and was also a Colonel in Counter-Intelligence for the U.S. government. I have been trained by four different instructors (including two courses by McQuiston) during my 20 years of doing the various PSE tests in my business. I started my testing business in 1982. I have taught many classes before the Groveport class, both in the USA and worldwide. I have trained law enforcement, private sector and for various governments. The fact is still true: If students do not learn the material, they will flunk the final exam and flunk the course. Dektor will never pass anyone if they do not know the material. Dektor will never allow unqualified examiners to ruin criminal cases and ruin people’s lives. Dektor’s spotless 40 year reputation has been maintained because of our very high standards of ethics and morals. Dektor even has a very strict Buyer’s Agreement that must be signed by all the buyers of PSE. The Agreement makes sure the examiner will follow the very highest of ethics and standards that Dektor demands.

The detectives flunked the course because of their own fault and the fault of their Chief York. The FACTS prove the detectives did not learn the material. What seems to defy logic and intelligence is the very unprofessional attitude and very dangerous actions by Chief York and all of those that approved of and participated in the waste of taxpayers money for buying the cvsa, cvsa “training” and paying “recertification fees” (for each cvsa examiner) for LIFE! The strong possibility exists (as in times to other departments) the cvsa and training were given to Groveport for free for “business purposes”. That arrangement might have been made by nitv in exchange for negative remarks by York and Dalton to be printed against Dektor on the nitv website. The fact is, Dalton had investigated PSE and all of the other devices before buying PSE. Obviously, Dalton was originally convinced only PSE and Dektor’s training would be the most accurate for criminal cases and employment screening. Chief York, Det. Dalton and/or other’s motives for their very illogical choice of a very much publicized inferior and unreliable lie detector, its training, company and owner should be very closely examined for possible corruption.

York should have accepted the fact that he and his detectives were the only ones at fault the detectives flunked the course. The detectives could have retaken the Dektor course. Instead, York and his detectives took a very unprofessional attitude and made a very childish decision to blame Dektor for their mistakes. Did Chief York expect Dektor to pass his detectives, even though they were unfit to do lie detection? Does York realize innocent people falsely accused of a crime, because of a poor quality lie detector, will sue the city and maybe the detectives themselves? Does York want criminal cases ruined and lawsuits against his department and city? Does York want criminals to get away with their crimes to commit crimes against others, including rape and murder?

The indications are the untruths and actions that Groveport Police made in this matter appear to be with the full permission and endorsement of York. If the citizen’s of Groveport knew ALL the facts in this matter, probably most of them would conclude Chief York is unfit to be chief of police. Any police officer, especially a police chief, who would show such incompetence, ignorance, indifference and possible corruption (as demonstrated in this matter), in my opinion, is a danger and menace to the welfare of the people of his city. The people of Groveport would probably agree. Those type of police officers, at all ranks, are as dangerous to the people as criminals are to the people. After carefully reviewing the actions of Groveport Police and the Groveport mayor and city council in this matter, these questions must be asked: “Could Groveport Police be trusted by their people to protect them or will Groveport Police only serve themselves and their own personal interests? Did Chief York get “special favors” by the seller of the cvsa for allowing Dalton and himself to be used like a commercial on the cvsa website so the seller could probably deceive more law enforcement into buying unreliable “voice lie detectors” that will ruin criminal cases? “Why didn’t the Groveport mayor and/or any city council members care that criminal cases will be ruined, even after they were contacted by Dektor, TWICE !  This letter will be sent to the mayor and city council by email.

Dektor is pleased that Groveport Police will NOT be using the proven PSE system  for criminal cases or employment screening. Proven technology and proven training techniques, in the hands of incompetent people, will never achieve the correct results. The actions and judgements of certain Groveport Police officers and major city officials have shown to be grossly irresponsible and possibly corrupt. Groveport Police now use a unreliable device and training that will lead to criminal cases to be ruined, innocent people to be falsely accused and thus allow real criminals to escape their crimes. The problems of unreliable technology and poor training with cvsa and other cvsa like devices have happened around the country for about 20 years. Various law enforcement types bought the cvsa and other unreliable devices because of the enormous hype and fancy websites of the sellers. The people of Groveport should be very concerned about their police, who they think is protecting them. They should be very angry at their mayor and city council who are in charge of their town and spending their money, but seem to ignore the best interest and welfare of the people of Groveport.

The seller of cvsa promotes his device as a lie detector on his website. In the seller’s ads, he claimed cvsa is “97%” accurate. But, law enforcement use and various media nationwide indicate accuracy is very unreliable. Some have used the accuracy term of “flip of a coin” (about 50%) for cvsa. More and more owners of cvsa have stopped using it for lie detection and have stopped sending their people for “recertification”. Because of its poor accuracy, many law enforcements now refer to cvsa only as a “investigators aid” or use cvsa as a prop only to try to trick someone to confess. That does not come close to the reliable and proven lie detection system the PSE has been for 40 years. Most people would probably say cvsa is a very expensive “investigative aid” or prop at $12,000 each, $1,300 per person for training and $300 recertification fees per person every other year, for LIFE! All that money spent for a just  a lucky guess once in a while that might be correct or maybe a rare confession.

About 2009, nitv invented a 4 day program called AIS. It teaches body language. It costs $400 per person, plus travel expenses, time off from work, etc. Nitv claims it is used for lie detection. No studies can be found by that prove any type of accuracy for this body language type course. If a 4 day course at $400 is promoted as accurate lie detection by nitv, why should anybody buy a cvsa at $12,000, pay $1,300 per person for training, plus traveling expenses for 7 days?

Since Groveport Police has no problem using cvsa on other people, would Chief York, Det. Dalton, the mayor or city council take one themselves and accept the decision for any accusation against them?