In 2012, Nitv released a “study” called the Chapman Study. Nitv claims it is a 20 year study proving Cvsa and its training are about 98% accurate. The “study’s” co-author is a “neuro-scientist” called Marigo Stathis. She works at John Hopkins University in Maryland. Her phone number is 410.955.8010. The phone number for John Hopkins University is 410. 516.8000. Facts have indicated, with almost complete certainty, the “study” is not real. It does NOT exist. It is a fake and this fake study is promoted nationwide by Nitv/Stathis only to promote Nitv and snag Cvsa sales to make much needed money for Nitv. Stathis is paid by Nitv to make those speeches promoting cvsa and training to law enforcement types. Stathis probably also promotes Nitv’s other gadgets or courses that Nitv does not appear to have any proof or studies that those gadgets or courses are credible or accurate. They include AIS, Voice Biometrics, Advanced Examiner’s course, higher lever Cvsa titles, etc.

             More FACTS! Chapman died in 2012. Several months after he died, the so-called “study” was released. Chapman WORKED for Nitv for about 20 years before he died. Because Chapman had worked at Nitv for 20 years when he died, the “study” would hardly have been honest, trust worthy and UNBIASED, if it was real. After Chapman had died and knowing how Nitv operates(lies), no one could doubt that the study would have been greatly altered towards Nitv’s best interests, IF the study was real. Nitv claims the Chapman/Stathis “study” was “published” in a  “scientific journal” called Criminalistics and Court Expertise. NO SUCH JOURNAL EXISTS!  NO SUCH STUDY EXISTS! Many people have searched the internet for hours and never have found the “study” or the Nitv “Journal” it claims it was published in. If the “study or “journal” were real, either one of them would have been found after “existing” since 2012. When people have contacted Stathis for a copy of the “study”, Stathis hangs up on them. The only thing that could be found is a 15 page “summary” of the so-called “study”. It is filled with numbers and statistics that does not even look authentic. It does NOT mention Cvsa at all. Why wouldn’t even a summary of that 20 year “study” mention Cvsa at least once, IF that study was real? A few times it uses the term VSA, which stands for Voice Stress Analysis. The facts show Nitv is using the “study” only as another way grab buyers and their money. It is very interesting that in a nationwide ABC News expose in 2006 lasting 35 minutes, Humble was asked if there was any independent study that confirmed Humble’s claim, since 1990, of Cvsa accuracy of  98% . His reply was there were NO studies like that.

           How could Nitv, selling voice lie detectors and training as being completely accurate and reliable since 1990, not have a accuracy study for its lie detector and training BEFORE they started selling them to various law enforcement types worldwide for lie detection in criminal cases to be used on the public?