Every scammer tries to protect their scam. They will lie, cheat and steal so they can continue to con people out of their money. Some might say Nitv deserves a metal for their actions to protect their scam. For nitv, it appears obvious that no lie is too big to use.

About 2010, Dirk Bell (DB) one of the son’s of the late PSE co-inventer Allan Bell, contacted the president of Dektor, Arthur Herring III. DB was almost speechless. He could not believe that Dektor was in business. He thought when his father died in about 2000, Dektor was no longer in business. DB and his siblings were never close to their father. That was told to me by their father directly about 2000. The father told me none of his family was ever in the PSE business and never wanted to be a part of it. Just before he died, the father asked me to take over the PSE business. He told me that he knew about my dedication to the PSE by doing PSE testing nationwide and promoting it worldwide for about 20 years, starting about 1982. ¬†Allan Bell also knew how I had been able to get the various media to do stories about the PSE during that time and also I had sold many PSE’s for him. DB and his siblings, in their sixties, began constantly calling Dektor and complaining Dektor was doing business and they were not getting any money from the sales and training. They thought they were entitled to money just because their father was co-inventor of the PSE system.

During various phone calls, the family demanded corporate information about Dektor and PSE that was none of their business. Every once in a while, one the family members would call Dektor and demand such information. They began to form their own ideas about the Dektor’s current operations, PSE’s technology, Dektor’s training and even Dektor’s president, a person they never met or talked to up until when DB had first called. Their harassment continued for many years. Dektor filed complaints to the police and FBI. DB would call Dektor and laugh about the law enforcement calling him. I even had Dektor’s lawyer send DB a Cease and Decist letter. DB laughed about that too.

At one point, DB would leave completely false statements online at various websites about Dektor, myself and our business. DB would leave them on Dektor’s website and he and his family left libleous comments on Wikipedia. Dektor contacted Wikipedia and they banned the Bell family from posting any more about Dektor.

That was not the end for the Bell family. Somehow, they found some of Dektor’s clients, worldwide, and began sending them emails with lies about Dektor and myself. I found out when those clients began sending me DB’s emails.

The public would certainly question the mental stability of the Bell family members for doing their extremely bizarre actions for so many years. First, they were never a part of Dektor, especially since I owned it, so they would not know any facts about Dektor, myself, the current PSE systems or of our training. Second, what was their purpose? They had absolutely no evidence that Dektor was in any way deceiving the public with our state of the art PSE systems and our training, which is the exact same training and chart analysis techniques that were developed in 1969 by former U.S. Army Colonel C.R. McQuiston. Third, what was their purpose to continue to spread lies about Dektor and myself year after year? Fourth, why would they contact Dektor’s clients worldwide and tell our clients those same ignorant lies?

The Bell family has ignored a extremely important fact: there are about 25 imitation “voice lie detectors sold. If they were concerned about people being lied to and cheated, why didn’t they go after them? Since they read our website, they must have seen our 6 page section titled “Imitations”. But, MOST important, is that Dektor has a 28 page section, with many quotes from various news sources (including ABC News) about the most famous “voice lie detector’ scam that has been sold to law enforcement since 1990 called cvsa, sold by nitv in Florida. That section about cvsa has been on our website since 2001. Didn’t the Bell family care that someone was lying about a fake “voice lie detector” being sold to law enforcement in the U.S. and worldwide that was ruining criminal cases and innocent people were being falsely accused because of it? Those are facts that various news media had documented about nitv, cvsa and its owner/seller since 1990.

So, what did DB do next? He contacted nitv and told them about his lies about Dektor and myself. He allowed nitv to print those lies on the nitv website to make potential Dektor clients think we were not ethical or moral. Was this DB’s idea of hurting Dektor in some way or getting back at us for not paying the Bell family some type of “commission” on PSE’s being sold?

The section by NITV and DB has been taken down as of May, 2018. But, I HAVE a screen shot of it to prove what NITV and DB did.