Since 1990, when NITV and its owner/seller Humble first started selling his unreliable(fake) “voice lie detector” called Cvsa and his made up training ideas to various law enforcement types(police, sheriff, district attorneys, prisons, college police, probation departments, military, government, etc.) in the US and worldwide, Dektor Corporation’s current president, Arthur Herring III, has been at the front exposing this “scam” to those departments. Dektor was the original and only company that invented the PSE®(Psychological Stress Evaluator®) and Voice Stress Analysis for lie detection in 1969. Herring has been president of Dektor from 2000 to present. From 1982 to 2000, Herring used the PSE in his lie detection testing business. His purpose of exposing this “scam” has been to protect people from being falsely accused, having their lives ruined, criminal cases destroyed by Cvsa tests and taxpayers money wasted. Various studies have shown the Cvsa and its training accuracy is only about a coin toss in real crimes. Herring continues to expose, not only the massive Nitv/Cvsa/Humble/Kane “scam”, but also the other types of imitation and unreliable “voice lie detectors” sold to law enforcement and the public.

            Because of Herring’s continued efforts to inform law enforcement about this massive, worldwide “scam”, Herring was recently served with a laughable $10 million lawsuit by Humble and Nitv’s director Kane. They are claiming Dektor/Herring deprived them of millions of dollars of lost Cvsa sales and training. Dektor and Herring would be extremely pleased if that were true. The fact is, Humble and Kane are ONLY suing because it appears they desparately need money because their sales and training have taken a nose dive in recent years. It seems the word has been spreading throughout law enforcement that Cvsa and training are unreliable for accuracy in lie detection.

            Nitv’s false claims include: unfair competition, product disparagement, deceptive and unfair trade practices, defamation/business disparagement, tortious interference, false advertising.

            Read the entire website  and watch the ABC News video of 2006 that also exposes the Nitv/Cvsa/Humble/Kane scam. More documents will be listed. FACTS PROVE the charges Humble and Kane have filed against Herring, are what THEY have been doing against Dektor since Herring became Dektor’s new owner in 2000 and what they have done since 1990 when Nitv first started. Humble/Kane’s only real purpose with their scam seems to be to enrich themselves at other’s pain and expense. Humble and Kane are serial litigators that seem to sue anyone to make themselves money or to waste other’s money in frivolous lawsuits. Humble and Kane still owe a massive judgement against them for about $800,000 from about 9 years ago. How many other lawsuits have been filed against them and how many judgements do they still owe?

            Since 2000, Dektor’s website  has contained a very large section exposing some of nitv/cvsa/humble/Kane lies.

            Dektor will soon be filing a massive counter-law suit against Nitv, Humble, Kane and about 25 more people. Dektor will win and continue to sell and train the ONLY proven system of Voice Stress Analysis™ called PSE® and the only proven training for accurate lie detection.

           This matter is NOT about competition. It is about a form of identity theft. A make believe “voice lie detector” that has been sold using unreliable machines, made up training ideas and terms and other gimmicks only to make money. Those gimmicks include Nitv hiring former high level police and sheriffs as salespeople and instructors to lore others in law enforcement to spend taxpayer’s money.

ABC News Exposes NITV's CVSA Scam